Well-Child Visits



Toddlers & Children

Toddlers & Children

You can schedule a Naturopathic visit for your baby as early as one week after birth. At your baby's first visit, the Naturopathic Doctor will measure your baby's height, weight and head circumference, check-in on feeding for mom and baby, complete a general health exam and screening, and serve as a support during this time of adjustment for the whole family. Common areas of focus that are covered during age-specific well-baby checks include:

3-6 weeks

  • Feeding support
  • Natural baby care
  • Post-partum support
  • Parental fatigue
  • Parenting strategies
  • Navigating sleep patterns
  • Diaper rash

3-6 months

  • Solid food introduction
  • Fever management
  • Teething
  • Eczema

9 months

  • Scrapes, bruises
  • Ear infections
  • Belly aches
  • Immune health

12-18 months

  • Socializing
  • Toilet awareness
  • Nutrition
  • Movement 


Toddlers & Children

Toddlers & Children

Toddlers & Children

As your toddler grows, your Naturopathic Doctor will continue to recommend a schedule of check-ups that meet your child's specific needs. Visits at this time in your child's development will involve age-specific physical exams, discussion surrounding your child's eating and sleep habits, developmental milestones, language development, social and emotional development. General areas of focus may include:

2-3 years

  • Nutrition
  • Picky eating
  • Healthy snacks
  • Active living
  • Screen time

4 years

  • Transition to school
  • Healthy school lunches
  • Encouraging play and imagination
  • Active living

5-6 years

  • Navigating realistic demands (chores, behavior)
  • Family meals
  • Gender differences
  • Body discussions
  • Privacy and independence 

7-9 years

  • Body changes
  • Puberty
  • Friendships
  • Media exposure and screen time
  • Family meals



Toddlers & Children


A Naturopathic Doctor is an important part of every family's health team. As your child transitions into their teenage years, annual check-ups will include physical exams, addressing any concerns, and educating your teenager about their body and the importance of continuing to put their health forward. General areas of focus may include:

10-13 years

  • Nutrition
  • Physical activity
  • Stress management
  • Mental wellness
  • Sexuality
  • Puberty
  • Menstruation
  • Screen time

14-18 years

  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress management
  • Mental wellness
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality and sexual orientation
  • Body positivity
  • Self esteem